Thu April 23, 2015

The future of Panopticon

I have a lot of goals and ideas.  Here are several:

  • Sensors or agents that can run on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux (or related systems), including “headless” remote servers accessed via ssh.
  • The desktop sensors will track mouse & keyboard activity, and active window title.
  • Track all running applications, all running processes, or all visible windows (instead of just the active window).
  • On a remote server, track all of your tty-based sessions, and monitor /proc (et al) to see what directories you were active in, what processes you were running, or even what files you had open.
  • Search, save searches as tags, fluidly combine search terms and tags, and generally slice and dice to your heart’s content.
  • Sum up the time on a tag or project, for the past hour, day, week, month, or any other time frame of your choosing.
  • Create manual events (“Clock in to / out of work”; “Start/stop work on MyGreatProject”) of your own devising.
  • Create, save, and even publish various views on your activity, so you can view (or show your boss) just the activity on a particular project.
  • “Store and forward” on the sensor, to store your events when you’re offline  and send them when you’re online.
  • A local mode that doesn’t use the cloud service at all.

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