Doing so much with the keyboard can occasionally be problematic

It’s kind of weird doing development on a Windows 8 VM running on a Mac, especially switching back and forth between Cmd-Tab and Opt-Tab (the Windows map for Alt-Tab), and Cmd-everything in Chrome for Mac compared to Ctrl-everything for Windows.

On other fronts, much work done in the past few days on Panopticon.  I got user tokens working, created free vs. paid accounts, limited free accounts to 48 hours of history retrieved (though it’s all stored), and (I think!) got entry times working correctly.  They’re sent to the server in your local time zone, stored in UTC (figuring that out was kind of a journey), sent back to the client as UTC, and rendered on the client using Javascript’s Date type’s toLocaleString() function.  Before I’d cheated and just had the server converting all times to US/Eastern Time, and sent the time to the client as a string.