Tue March 24, 2015


What is it?

Track your (computer-related) activities. Search. Tag. Figure out where you spend your time.

How does it work?

You run a small agent on your computer.  (This agent is currently Windows-only.)  It monitors your active and idle time, and the title of the active window, and sends this to a remote server.  You log in to the remote server with a Gmail ID, and get a scrolling list of your activity.

It looks something like this:

Panopticon headers
Panopticon data

You can create one or more tags, which is just a saved search.  Each tag can have a different color (like “red” or “blue” or a hex value like FF0000).



All tags are saved automatically.  You can enter multiple patterns for a single tag.  You can use full regular expressions, too.  For the colors, here’s a handy color picker tool.

Do I have to have a Gmail ID?

For now, yes. I’ll eventually implement login using any email address, but for now I’m punting to Google.

Quick Start

  1. Login to the website here.
    • As mentioned above, for now you have to have a Gmail ID to log in.
    • You have to log in at least once before you run the sensor anywhere.
  2. Click the settings tab and note your user key.  It looks like this: 07c2b6dd17516beaa2680091b341ab5c6c5b1837c9f228fa2316915f5cc17f9d.
  3. Download the sensor, here. Currently it’s Windows only.
  4. Open a cmd window (Windows-R, cmd).
  5. Run the sensor: sensor_win64.exe <source> <your-user-key>
    • The source can be any string, typically the name of the computer you’re on.
    • The user key is from the settings tab, mentioned in step 2, above.  Obviously you want to copy & paste!
  6. Go back to the Panopticon web page. You may need to reload to get things going.

Other information


  • Obviously, anyone that knows your user key can send events “as you”.  So don’t share it.


  • I won’t look at or sell your data or email.
  • I use Google to authenticate but do not have access to any of your Google account (email, etc).


  • $1/month or $10/year.
  • An unpaid account will only show the most recent 48 hours of events.
  • Mention your gmail user ID in your Paypal subscription.
  • Fulfillment is currently manual.  Please allow 24-48 hours to be upgraded.

Subscription options

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