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The pre-history of Hucksh

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ntla — a web-based precursor

GopherCon, Denver, CO, 2015
Lightning talk (7m10s):
“ntla” — “Never Type ‘ls’ Again”. More of an aspiration than a reality.
Web front-end (Angular), Go backend.

Inspiration: Long ago, learning Go, I saw that you could stand up a rudimentary webserver in Go in just a few lines of code, and use it to easily browse a remote filesystem. And then, “Ah”, I thought, “if only I could run commands here.”

I did some statistics on my shell history, and I saw that two of the most command commands I ran were “cd” and “ls”, frequently one after the other after the other, “cd … ls … cd … ls … cd”. And I thought: There’s gotta be a better way.

First public appearance of Gio-based Hucksh

First Gio Community Call, April 21, 2020, 7m38s in