Let hucksh remember it for you

hucksh is a new kind of shell, with a GUI client, a backend server, and a queryable database.

What makes hucksh different?

Why would you want to switch?

Save your output

Every command you run, and its output, is saved in a database. Disk is cheap, you might as well do something with it.

Directory Browser

Easily navigate the directory structure, even over a network.

Directory history browser

Easily revisit any directory you’ve ever been to before.


Interact with your computer in a whole new way.

Edit locally, run remotely

Compose your command locally, without a back-and-forth to the remote server for every keystroke. Great for high-latency networks.

Pick up from where you left off

Server restart? No problem! hucksh restores all your tabs just the way they were.

What can you do with a GUI shell?

We’re just getting started. Here are some samples.

Popout a command into a new top-level window

  • Easily look at previous commands
  • Look at two commands at once
  • Look at the different parts of a single command at the same time

Completion lists as buttons

  • Complete filenames, command names, or environment $variables
  • Use the whole screen
  • Navigate with the keyboard or click with the mouse

Easily recall and filter command history

  • Filter command history live, instantly, with regular expressions
  • See the directory they were run in
  • Interact with them in a variety of ways

Interact with your computer in a whole new way. TTYs are 1970s tech. Maybe your shell should join the 21st century.

Larry Clapp

author of hucksh

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